Thought today

Watching people in love is beautiful.

No, I am not referring to voyeurism. Nor do I have in mind people who appear to be trying to give each other a tonsillectomy or those who have become a little too amorous with each other in a public place you think; I wish they would go and get a room. So perhaps to be more precise I ought to say Watching people who love each other is beautiful.

I’m thinking more along the lines of people, regardless of gender (and any other label for that matter), naturally expressing their fondness for each other, who enjoy each others company, respect one another and have a natural ease with each other. This is a beautiful sight and I find it lovely to be around. I admit witnessing people with a genuine naturalness in the way they interact has brought a smile to my face and lifted my heart. If the people in question are in love with each other than that’s an added bonus, so too are people who are in love with life and being alive.

I would describe being in the vicinity of those in love with life or another human being and who express their affection for each other as a warming energy. I have noticed if I am in the moment then I am more open to receiving what I find with me at the time. When I am in the moment and I find this type of warming energy it can spark a compassionate and empathetic energy in me. It’s like when you see someone smile you find yourself smiling too.

Thought for the day: Love resides in each of us; it is in the world around us in many ways. It is up to us to be open to receive it, feel it, value it as it is and to pay attention so that we see it in our every day life.





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